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Dental Implant Results

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When it comes to our patients’ results, we are uncompromising. The very best materials and top industry talent go into every situation, every procedure. Why? Because whether it’s simply whitening or restoring an entire smile, we are passionate about empowering patients to put their best selves forward.

implant upper bridge

Strategic Implants to address advanced gum disease

This patient was losing her upper teeth due to advanced gum disease. We were able to place six strategic implants that support a new, entire upper arch of teeth. She had solid, fixed teeth after the entire treatment. Not only are her teeth solid, but her smile also looks younger and healthier.

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Losing a front center tooth is emotionally traumatic. This person was losing her front tooth after her tooth was hit and the root fractured. We removed the hopeless tooth, placed the implant with a temporary, and ultimately with the final crown. No one else could tell, start to finish.

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This patient came to us very unhappy. She simply had implants at very bad angles. We creatively modified the implants and restored this beautiful young woman’s smile.

A patient during the process of dental implants.

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Lower implants can either support a lower denture that attaches to a bar for easy removal and cleaning or can be solidly fixed in place and shaped so that the person can clean underneath it.

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