Root Canal Therapy

High Tech Root Canals

Get a More Seamless and Comfortable Root Canal Experience at DGY Dentistry

All teeth have a thin, straw-like tube running up their centers containing sensitive, live tissue. If a tooth experiences decay or trauma, the delicate tissue can die or become painfully infected. During a root canal, the tooth is saved by entering the thin tube-like canal, cleaning out the problematic tissue, disinfecting the space, and sealing it so fluids and new bacteria won’t create another infection.

In the last decade, there have been wonderful advancements in root canal therapy. Current techniques are more precise and far less irritating with fewer post-treatment problems. Today’s root canal treatments are typically very comfortable both during and after the procedure.

We take patient comfort seriously by using a variety of anesthetic techniques including nitrous oxide and oral sedation. Many patients have come to us because of anesthesia problems in the past and have been successfully treated.

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