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Could This 3-D Technology Improve Your Smile?

Millions of Americans suffer from tooth loss. However, no matter how common, this dental issue is often a source of embarrassment, with the potential to seriously damage the self-esteem of those affected. Losing teeth can also have many health-related consequences, including daily pain, discomfort, eating difficulties, shifting and premature wear of remaining teeth, and more.

The good news is that dental implants, which have become exceptionally popular in the past few decades, can help alleviate medical and emotional complications. By surgically positioning and fusing a titanium post to the jawbone, missing teeth can be replaced with fixed or removable crowns, dentures, and bridges that look and feel more natural than ever before thanks to the continual improvements in dental implant technology.

Perhaps the most exciting development in this area is 3-D navigation technology. A revolutionary advancement, this ultra-precise technology allows dental surgeons to perform more efficient and more accurate procedures with consistently beautiful results. Patients who experience dental implant surgery guided by this technology report a more positive and relaxed experience than expected.

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