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When it comes to our patients’ results, we are uncompromising. The very best materials and top industry talent go into every situation, every procedure. Why? Because whether it’s simply whitening or restoring an entire smile, we are passionate about empowering patients to put their best selves forward.

When crowding is an issue, some people do not want braces to straighten their smile. In this case, porcelain crowns were used to create a fuller smile.
This patient came in with missing lateral teeth and prominent, fang-like cuspids. Through creatively changing the size and proportions of the four front teeth with porcelain crowns, we were able to give the patient a round, balanced look.
Wear and discoloration were the issues for this patient. Through porcelain restorations, we were able to give him a younger, healthier look.
Porcelain can give a lifelike, vibrant smile. We work with each patient to create individualized smiles that keep you looking like you, with a bit more sparkle.
With porcelain, we are able to solve various issues to enhance smiles and improve dental health.
Tooth-covered bending works well for closing some spaces between teeth and repairing snipped or broken edges.
Porcelain veneers are beautiful, strong, and less invasive than crowns. Veneers can convert unattractive enamel, improve spacing, and balance shapes and proportions. Some veneers may only cover the edges or a small area of the teeth for more strength than bonding, while remaining minimally invasive.
For this patient with worn teeth, porcelain veneers were used to create a younger, healthier smile.
With time, tooth edges can become flat compared to the lower lip, creating a worn smile. For this patient, recreating the length and curve of the smile made a huge difference and made her confident in her smile again.
Many mature adults have broken-down dentistry and want a dental refresh. For this patient, we were able to fully restore his smile with porcelain crowns and bridges instead of implants.
Through a combination of implants, bone grafting, and porcelain, we were able to address failing restorations, missing teeth, and dark discoloration to give this patient a delightful smile to match her personality.
In order to give this patient the smile that he wanted, we removed hopeless teeth, moved others with root-canal treatment, and eliminated decay. We helped his gum health, and he changed his hygiene and diet habits. Once his mouth was healthier, we rebuilt his entire dentistry with crowns and implant teeth.
This patient struggled with her smile due to old, failing fillings. In order to give her the smile she wanted, we improved gum architecture, tooth alignment, and chewing function.
Because of life circumstances and fear, this patient had quite a few issues that were resolved through grafting, implants, and crowns. With sedation dentistry, we were able to give him what he always wanted: a functional, full, and healthy smile.
With this patient, we were able get his life back on track through dentistry. Because of the complex rehab journey we took, he says the dentistry changed his life.
This patient’s smile was out of balance, with uneven gum architecture and small, lateral missing spaces. We corrected the uneven gums for better smile proportions and then placed two porcelain veneers for a beautiful and natural look.
This patient was losing her upper teeth due to advanced gum disease. We were able to place six strategic implants that support a new, entire upper arch of teeth. She had solid, fixed teeth after the entire treatment. Not only are her teeth solid, but her smile also looks younger and healthier.
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