Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I … ?

We try to keep people from waiting long to see us, especially if you have an urgent need or special events coming up. . How fast do we proceed? You are the one in control of your care. What is important to you, is a big factor in how we proceed. Some people prefer shorter appointments. Some want as much done as possible at each appointment. Whe take many approaches. On some folks, we efficiently get things stabilized first and then over the years upgrade to long term restorations – as you are ready. How soon? That is up to you and we certainly try to accomodate.

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Enjoy the video. Get to know about us. It honestly reflects who we are and how we care for you.

What can I expect at my first visit?

It is important to understand before we treat. That is why DGY takes the time to meet you and find out your desires and concerns first. Then we know what information to gather. Together, with you, we develop a plan for your care. If you believe you are in great shape, yes, you can schedule to have that exam and cleaning combined. Either way, it is a chance to learn about each other and customize your care. We gather individualized records that can include; medical concerns, thorough exam, cancer screening, x-rays, study models and scans. We sit down together, explain what we found and possible treatment approaches with your preferences at the forefront. At the end of the appointment, our front office staff will carefully explain fees, arrangements and scheduling. We want you to feel great about the care you receive at DGY

Will my insurance cover…XYZ?

Our front office works above and beyond to help you get the most from your dental insurance and other benefits you may have available. We all know dentistry is expensive and is a stretch for many of our patients. Dental insurance usually falls far short of what we expect with medical treatment. It can be a real personal investment and is exactly why we will submit all the information ahead of time so we can to help you get the most from your benefits and prevent those unwanted financial surprises. You are on the brakes and accelerator when it comes to how quickly we proceed. Long term care is often done in phases annually so it optimizes insurance coverage year to year.