Bone and Gum Grafting

A patient with gum recession before and after periodontal and gum health improvements.

Set a solid foundation for your dental work

Bone and gum grafting is crucial when seeking excellent results with dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, complex restoration, and gum care.

Dental implants need enough bone height and width to be properly supported. Building up the underlying bone area is commonly appropriate where teeth have been missing for a while, and the bone has gotten shorter and thinner. Depending on the situation, bone can be placed into these areas before or during implant placement. The bone we most commonly use is human-derived and highly purified. It has been safely used millions of times and essentially creates a framework for your own bone cells to develop in and grow new bone.

Teeth and implants thrive with a band of strong gums surrounding them. To improve stability, shape, and aesthetics around teeth, gum-grafting techniques can replace and/or enhance the tissue around the teeth.

For patients with sensitive, unsightly, and progressively unstable gum recession, there are new, gentle microsurgical techniques that also avoid using the palate as a donor site. Our patients have been exceedingly happy with their levels of comfort and results.

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