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Reconstructive Dentistry

A patient before and after root canal treatment, restored gum health, crowns, and implant teeth.

Experience More Comfortable and Seamless Dental Treatment

Reconstructive dentistry encompasses many dental services, including bite problems, tissue and bone grafting, implant placement, and teeth restoration. Because this type of dentistry can be complex, you want to be sure to find a dentist near you who has the expertise needed to provide the best care possible.

Our Ann Arbor dentists are highly trained to meet your complex prosthodontics needs. Because many complex situations can be smoothly treated in one office, our patients benefit from a more seamless, comfortable, and aesthetic series of transitions throughout treatment. We also offer a variety of oral sedation techniques so we can work with you to alleviate any pain or dental anxiety safely.

At DGY Dentistry Ann Arbor, we take a highly personalized approach to care. We match your preferences and priorities to collaboratively organize your treatment to create a smile you’ll feel confident behind.

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