Preventive Dental Services

DGY Dentistry keeps your dental health on track with preventive dentistry

Preventive Dentistry in Ann Arbor

Prevention is the beginning, middle, and end of ongoing dental care. Our array of preventive services starts with regular cleaning and a complete examination. We respect that few of us have perfect habits. As such, we’re willing and eager to help patients learn how to help themselves. Our hygienists are experts in helping patients find what works to effectively clean their teeth, decrease sensitivity, prevent decay, and even brighten their smile.

Regular Oral Exams

The cornerstone to a healthy smile is having regular oral exams. When we see you every 3,4, or 6 months, we can discover things before they become a bigger problem for you. Our thorough head, neck, oral cancer screening, and periodontal review have uncovered some serious health concerns that could be treated quickly and successfully. You don’t want to skip your oral exams!

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Diagnostic X-Rays

At DGY, we take radiographs to see what cannot be seen by exam. It gives us a window to observe the wellness of each tooth. Early intervention through the help of radiographs has saved patients money, avoiding more expensive procedures that were undetectable without radiographs. Radiographs are not routine; they are a necessary part of delivering the best possible care to our patients

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Teeth Cleaning

Have you ever said to yourself, “Oh, it’s just my cleaning, I can put that off”? We never refer to it as a routine cleaning or “just your cleaning”; on the contrary, it is an integral part of keeping your smile healthy. Our skilled hygienists use the best instrumentation and technology and, combined with their tremendous compassion, deliver excellent care. Their intervention prevents gum health concerns before they become a more serious problem; there is nothing routine about teeth cleaning.

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Periodontal (Gum) Care

If you and your hygienist have discovered gum health concerns, it may be necessary to see you more frequently. Early intervention is again the key; by seeing you 3 to 4 times per year, we can intervene to disrupt the bacteria that is at play and help you maintain healthier gums.

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    Highest-quality dental experience — from administrative assistant across the office!

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    Really like and appreciate this professional, efficient, and friendly practice. Have been a patient for many years.

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    I would recommend D&G to anyone! The offices are beautiful, and the staff is extremely professional and very courteous. Dr. Donaldson is wonderful and does a good job teaching his associates.