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Surgical Dentistry by Experienced and Compassionate Dentists

Surgical Dental Procedures

Tooth decay and infections, including periodontal disease, sometimes require surgical intervention to restore dental health. We understand that dental surgery can be stressful for patients and work to alleviate your discomfort with transparency and high-quality work.

Our Ann Arbor dental staff pride themselves in clearly communicating your procedures and choices with no-pressure consultations and clear payment options. We approach each situation compassionately and collaborate with you to develop the perfect solution for your needs.

Our dentists and staff are highly trained in complex and custom procedures and surgeries. We take the time to do the job correctly and with meticulous attention to detail so you can have the best results.

Still experiencing high levels of anxiety or discomfort in the dentist’s chair? Our dentists have advanced training in oral sedation techniques that can help make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Surgical Tooth Extractions

If you are faced with a tooth that cannot be restored, a surgical extraction may be the course of treatment.

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Bone Grafting

Whether you’re having a tooth removed or you have a missing tooth, grafting these areas is ideal for the best implant result or the most esthetic outcome for a bridge.

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Implant Placement

When you seek the closest thing to a natural tooth, implants are the answer for you. DGY uses state-of-the-art equipment delivered by a highly trained and experienced dentist.

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What Clients Are Saying

  • “DGY is different from the typical dental office because of the attention to detail that we provide for our patients.”

  • Anna G.

    Highest-quality dental experience — from administrative assistant across the office!

  • Judith S.
    Friendly and patient

    Really like and appreciate this professional, efficient, and friendly practice. Have been a patient for many years.

  • Michelle
    Very professional

    I would recommend D&G to anyone! The offices are beautiful, and the staff is extremely professional and very courteous. Dr. Donaldson is wonderful and does a good job teaching his associates.