Should You Get a Second Opinion for Dental Work?

You’re sitting in the dentist’s chair and get bad news: they’ve found an issue (or issues!) and you need dental work done. The dentist assures you that everything is necessary to restore your oral health, but you can’t help but wonder — am I getting good advice?

Dental work can be invasive and expensive, leaving many patients with sticker shock. Some may even feel they are being “over-treated” or “over-diagnosed” with unnecessary procedures.

Dentists are medical professionals who should have your best interest in mind, but patients concerned about the cost or intensity of their treatment can always seek a second opinion to compare recommendations and make a more informed decision.

Is it OK to get a second opinion from a dentist?

Yes! There is nothing wrong with getting a second opinion from a dentist, especially if major dental work is being proposed. A good dentist will understand that you are making an important decision about your health and want you to feel confident about moving forward with their suggested treatment.

Will dental insurance pay for a second opinion?

It might. It depends on the insurance provider and plan. You should contact your insurance provider directly to find out if they will pay for you to get a second opinion.

At DGY Dentistry, we encourage patients to have a full understanding of their benefits.

When to get a second opinion from a dentist

Getting a second opinion from a dentist is generally a good idea if:

  • you are concerned that the proposed dental work is too invasive
  • your current dentist is not willing to clearly communicate your treatment options
  • you feel your current dentist is being too forceful or aggressive when making their recommendations

Education is key. When you have a full understanding of the scope of work and have been given options for restoring, you are empowered to make a good decision for yourself.

Should I get a second opinion on a root canal?

A root canal is a more invasive dental procedure, so it is reasonable to want a second opinion if you are unsure about moving forward. When looking for a second opinion dentist, look for a root canal specialist with more advanced training in endodontics (root canal treatment). They can best assess the severity of the infection and determine if an alternative treatment is possible.

Should I get a second opinion on dental implants?

Getting a dental implant is a multi-step procedure that requires surgical, restorative, and prosthodontic dental knowledge. It is reasonable to get a second opinion if you are unsure about your current dentist’s diagnosis or want to consider other dentists for the procedure.

When seeking a second opinion, look for a dentist who understands the different stages of the dental implant process and has experience with both surgical and cosmetic dental procedures.

Should I get a second opinion on cavities?

Whether you get a second opinion on your cavities is up to you. A second dentist may have a different opinion on whether a cavity needs a filling or simply be monitored.

How to get a second opinion from a dentist

  • Find another dentist near you and schedule an appointment for a second opinion. Let the office staff know the purpose of your visit when making the appointment.
  • Arrange to have your X-rays transferred to the second dentist.
  • When attending the appointment, bring your current dentist’s proposed treatment plan so you can compare recommendations and ask questions.

Your second opinion dentist will first need to understand what you are looking for: Is prevention important? Longevity of dentistry? Once they understand those basics they can present the choices you have to restore your oral health.

Too many dentists want to solve and tell the patient what they “need”, but listening is key. At DGY Dentistry, we look to understand what the patient wants to have for themselves, then share information so they can decide what is best for them.

How to get X-rays transferred to a different dentist for a second opinion

Contact your current dental office and ask them to transfer your X-rays to the dentist who will be giving a second opinion. This is a reasonable request and should not be an issue for either dental office.

Second opinion dentist near me

DGY Dentistry Ann Arbor is happy to help patients who want a second opinion. We pride ourselves in clearly communicating your procedures and choices with no-pressure consultations and transparent payment options. Your comfort, safety, and trust are our top priorities.

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