Dental Solutions to Sleep Issues

Snoring and Sleep Apnea Relief

Oral Appliances as CPAP Alternatives

Most sleep apnea treatments involve surgery or a mask that fits over the nose and mouth (called a CPAP breathing device). There is a large and growing number of patients who either cannot tolerate a CPAP machine or don’t use it.

However, there is another option: the Oral Sleep Device (OSD). The OSD is a dental appliance that repositions the jaw to open the airway for breathing, allowing sounder sleep. The device is specifically designed and fabricated for the patient. This dental approach to treating snoring and sleep apnea is receiving a great deal of research attention and has been proven effective for people with mild to moderate levels of sleep apnea.

Our doctors regularly work with sleep physicians and understand how to choose from various appliances and approaches for our patients. One option is the SomnoMed appliance, which fits both upper and lower jaws. Adjustment controls the extent of the forward lower-jaw position, while the vertical fins permit freedom to open and move the jaw. Our dentists will assess your situation and determine the solution that best fits your life.

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